Wilms BV Indirect Heaters

Reliable, flexible and easily-serviceable mobile heating.

For simple, tough equipment you can depend on, look no further than the Wilms BV range of Indirect Vented Heaters.

Wilms BV Indirect Heaters are reliable in operation, even in the coldest locations. Wilms BV mobile heating units are ideal for heating tents and other temporary buildings. They have been deployed by various armed forces in some of the most challenging global environments, for extensive periods of time.

Wilms BV Series Heaters provide a comfortable indoor climate, with room thermostats and High Humidity Thermostats as standard.

They are quiet in operation, with a maximum noise level of 77dBA.

Wilms BV Series Heaters are fitted with fuel adapters, enabling them to be used with either a 5 gallon military fuel can or a fuel tank, such as the Wilms 990-Litre Fuel Tank.

Wilms BV Series Heaters are easy to transport: units are are fitted with wheels, a lifting eye and forklift braces as standard.

At a glance…

  • Reliable, and easy to maintain, even without specialist skills.
  • Connect to a 5 gallon military fuel can, or the Wilms 990-Litre Fuel Tank.
  • Can be converted to run on JP8 Jet Fuel.
  • Can be converted to 230V/60Hz if required.
  • Room thermostat provided as standard.
  • High humidity thermostat provided as standard.
  • Available in military colours.
  • Low noise: 77dBA.
Wilms BV Series heater heating a marquee outdoors Wilms BV Series heater heating buildings on a military camp

The Wilms BV Series

Identify your optimal BV Series heater in the following table.

If you are unsure of your requirements, try our Heating Calculator, or feel free to contact us.

All Indirect Heaters are fitted with room thermostats and high humidity thermostats as standard.
BV135 and BV535 Heaters cannot be fitted with a booster fan.